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Join Angelique on May 23rd from 12pm-2:30pm (virtually or in-studio) to understand the history and explore this amazing Ashtanga Yoga practice!

In this workshop, we will explore the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method. Ashtanga is a vinyasa system that synchronizes movement and posture with the rhythm of the breath. It is a set sequence of poses intentionally organized to progress the student deeper into their body, mind, and inner self to achieve eventual total self transformation. Mysore is a self-practice approach where the student learns the sequence gradually through one on one interactions with the teacher within the group setting. The student practices what they have learned at their own pace, to the rhythm of their breath. The workshop will work with the initial postures of the primary series and give the student an introduction to the process of the Mysore method so that you know what to expect when you join the Mysore program. This Introductory Workshop will also provide the student with a basic knowledge of the history of the lineage, and philosophical concepts integral to the practice.