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Etiquette Practiced in the Yoga Shala

Our goal is to encourage an environment where students can briefly retreat from any unnecessary verbal dialogue, stress, chores and tune in to their internal cues.

~For your comfort, we suggest that you refrain from eating large meals 2 to 3 hours prior to class.

~Water is available at no charge for your convenience.  Although we recycle, please refrain from bringing disposable water bottles into the studio.  Reduce your carbon footprint!

~Wear comfortable clothing.

~Remove shoes upon entering the space.

~Maintain a serene atmosphere.  Community connection and conversation is always encouraged! Just be mindful of those individuals seeking a quiet environment to allow them to center themselves and go inward before practice begins.

~Refrain from drinking water during your practice, however if you need to sip water, please feel free to take a break, as needed.  Honor your body.

~Turn off your phone during class.

~Listen to your body…Pushing yourself into pain is never appropriate.

~Arrive for your class 10-15 minutes early, as coming in late can be disruptive.  Classes begin promptly according to our schedule. Save time by signing up for classes in advance using the mobile app.

~Savasana (final relaxation) is sacred and is critical for a complete practice.  Please do not leave during savasana.  Remain quiet and still during this resting pose.

~Trust the process.