Prenatal Workshop with Angelique Sandas

July 26th  from Noon to 2pm – Investment:  $45


For the love of baby and love of self…Our prenatal workshop will prepare your body and mind for labor! Prenatal yoga is designed to strengthen, tone and relax our mothers while making space for the baby.  Toning the pelvic floor musculature provides support for the uterus and prepares the body for birth.  Deep yogic breathing aids in responding calmly to the body’s natural signals. This workshop is for those expecting mamas that had an established yoga practice before pregnancy and will focus on the many adjustments required at this time, including those to your asana practice, your perspective, expectations, and preparations for a future in motherhood.  Yoga experience prior to pregnancy is recommended.

Postnatal Workshop

Next Session is to be announced!  Investment:  $45

Your miracle has arrived!!  Our postnatal workshop will gently restore strength to the abdominal muscles and aids in regaining good posture.  The strain of too much exercise, too soon is importable to avoid during the postpartum healing period!  Relaxing, breathing techniques help to clear and calm the mind and bring balance to shifting hormones and changing sleep patterns.   This workshop will focus on breathing techniques for calming the mind and will reintroduce strength building postures.